August 2011 Newsletter- Synchronicity or just a coincidence?

Last month you will remember was the Health and Wellbeing Issue.

A new feature for our newsletter is a book review, following emails from readers. This month we review a book which sold over 20 million copies from the author James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy -An Adventure.

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STOP PRESS: James Redfield was due to arrive in Australia from USA this week to present at the Byron Bay Writers Festival this weekend 5th-7th August,

I just received a confirmation that he is unable to fly on medical grounds and has unfortunately had to stay at home. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Enjoy and have an Awesome August!

Damian and the MindStore Australia team

Carl Jung the Swiss psychologist first used this term to explain the coincidence of events that seem related, but are not obviously caused one by the other. Is it coincidence that the two whales breach out of the water at the same time in the image above? Is it a coincidence when you know who is phoning you before you even look at the caller display?

What about when you have a particular challenge at work or personally, and someone contacts you out of the blue, and in your discussion they come up with ideas that you realise will help to solve the challenge, just at the right time.

It’s about becoming more aware, a higher level of awareness, an intuition, gut feeling, whatever you may call it.

These synchronistic events are happening for most people on a daily basis but most of us are so tuned into our problems(Delete that) Challenges, and worried about the past or about the future , that we do not recognise the synchronicities when they appear.

This is partly because of our individual vibrational frequency. Each of us vibrates at a certain level, the more positive and happy the person in outlook the higher the vibration. The negative, unhappy, angry people operate on a lower vibrational frequency.

If you are interested in this topic then please drop me an email. This is one of the many topics we cover on our MindStore events either inhouse for clients or in an open format. We can share with you the tools to become more aware of these syncronistic events, to raise your frequency levels, via tools for protecting yourself from negativity and in particular negative self talk and thoughts.Also tools for improving your energy, creating positive thoughts and by relaxation exercises. To find out more visit our website:

Book Review Corner     



The Celestine Prophecy- An Adventure

First published in 1993 and reprinted many times since. It is available in 34 languages.

The main character of the novel undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights contained in an ancient manuscipt in Peru. If you are aware of those chance events that occur at just the right moment, and bring forth just the right individuals, to suddenly send your life in a new and important direction, then you will like this book.ISBN:0-446-51862-X. For more info and other books from James visit:

I first came across this book by coincidence when travelling in Asia in 1995, it was raved about by other backpackers and passed on to each other. Is it a coincidence that peole who went backpacking aorund the world on “a year out” were maybe looking to discover something about their lifes journey and this book was brought to their attention by coincidence? I believe it was Synchronicity which put me amongst people who read this book and encouraged me to read it. It started me on a journey to where I am today. It has been recommended at MindStore Courses as additional personal development reading to participants for over 13 years!



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