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Believe in yourself, your vision for your future and start to live it!

“Have Belief in yourself, accept your Dreams as your Reality, start to live it, think it, and aim high.”

Known more for his ability to make us laugh more so than to make us think, this excerpt from Billy Connolly has some comments for us to think about as we pass the mid point of our year and we head into our Futures.


Now that the rush of the EOFY or End of Financial Year is past, we should make time to reflect on our progress both professionally and personally this year so far.

Personally if you set written goals back in January, review how they are going. If you have lost them or stopped visualising them, then dig them out and start once more. If your goals are inspiring enough for you , you will want to see them achieved on waking and before sleeping each day.

In business now the EOFY is behind us, review how you are tracking with your vision and goals in the organisation at this mid point in your calendar year. If the sales could be better then maybe its time to refocus on the goals and think differently about how to improve them.

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Listen to Billy’s comments, even though he feels stupid for saying it; “he took it for granted that he would be a comedian, accepted it as a reality and started to live it.”

Classic Future History Scenario.

He also says “have belief in yourself, because if you do there is a great chance it will happen as there is no difference in setting your sites high or low it will happen.”

Interesting comments from a really talented and funny guy that back up what MindStore has been sharing successfully at corporate in-house training events and Conferences for over 25 years.


Think Different with MindStore tools and techniques

Don’t Be afraid to THINK DIFFERENTLY!

The Truth is that those who do dare to think differently are the extraordinary ones who achieve so much.

It Just Works!

Have a Fantastic July



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