Believe in yourself

 Billy Connolly says  “Have belief in yourself, accept your dreams as your reality, start to live it, think it, and aim high”

His Billy Connolly Believe in yourselfcomment’s from years ago came as part of a story about how his school teacher scoffed at him when Billy said he wanted to be a comedian when he grew up.

Billy said that he “took it for granted that he would be a comedian, accepted it as a reality and started to live it” What a fantastic way to  be, creating your own reality that you truly desire.


Billy’s comments came back to my mind this week with the news that Alyssa Azar the 19 year adventurer from Toowoomba successfully reached the highest point on the earth, Mount Everest on 21st May just a few weeks ago. Alyssa said in 2012 when asked if she was too young to have such lofty goals, “I will achieve my goal”

She has proven that now. Congratulations to her. Alyssa is another Queenslander like Jessica Watson inspiring people young and old around Australia and beyond. Proving that if you can develop an unshakable desire belief and expectation of you achieving your goals that they become a reality.

Big Goal Big Vision

Days before leaving for Nepal, Alyssa was asked what advice she could offer for others with a Big Goal, she immediately replied ” “Believe in yourself, that’s the biggest thing”

The connection between these two extraordinary people is the belief they have in themselves.

Is this what has enabled them to achieve there goals? Is this something that we could learn to do more of?

Absolutely on both counts I believe it is!

Both Billy and Alyssa’s comments are timely as we reach the midpoint of the year. Think about your answer to these 2 questions:

  • How many of us have dreams or goals that we talk ourselves out of, let others convince us to stay ordinary or play it safe?
  • How many of us had goals and after hitting the first hurdle never mind two or three give up, take it as a sign and let the dream and goal become a distant memory?

We all can be guilty of the above. The challenge for us all is to have, or discover the ability to overcome all hurdles  to have such a strong desire to achieve our goal that we do not stop till it is achieved.

In other words to have BELIEF in ourselves!

My challenge for you is to take this month of June as a time to reflect on your progress so far, rather than getting caught up  in the End of Financial Year Sales (EOFY). Which if you think about it is about you helping others achieve their goals e.g. organisations financial year sales targets.

Instead take time out for you, make time to revisit your vision for your future. (If its been a while) Get re-inspired to “see” your vision daily and work towards achieving it in the coming 6 months.

How does it feel and look? What emotions are you aware of as you visit your future and your goal achieved?

summit of everest

Make time to reinforce your belief in your vision for your goals for the remainder of the year.

It just works!

For organisations make time to look at last years performance and decide to make the next financial year even better. Now is the time to get help thinking about huge goals, setting them and learning how to enable team members see them in their minds eye. In my experience with organisations they spend huge sums of money on marketing materials to promote the vision. Its on coasters, coffee cups, led signs in reception even in bathroom doors in some places! But when I ask people in the organisation, at all levels, what is the vision or what does that future look look like for them, very few can answer.

For some practical MindStore tips  to improve your results going forward read our top 7 tips at bottom of this article.

Here is an extract from Alyssa’s Bio on hurdles and setbacks:

Alyssa with a big goal and big vision has touched the top of the world. With her share of setbacks, she has never wavered in her determination. No stranger to success, nor record breaking, Alyssa was just eight years old when she became the youngest person to cross the Kokoda Track.

Her drive? A love of being in the mountains. With quiet determination and a no fuss can do attitude she dreamed of summiting Mt Everest.

It was the Queensland teenager’s third attempt to reach the summit after natural disasters struck out two previous attempts. In 2014, while she was at base camp an avalanche struck the Khumbu Icefall, killing 16 Sherpas. In April 2015, she was again at base camp when Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake killing 3,218 people.

Alyssa is a quietly determined individual. With her ‘can-do’ attitude Alyssa gets in and gets the job done. Her mental and physical strength is that of someone much wiser than her years and she is forever grateful for the support and care given to her by those around her.

Read more about Alyssa here


Goal achieved Summit of EverestWhat is your Everest? Want some tips to help you reach it? Then read on below our top seven tips.

Have a fantastic month, make time to review your progress, look forward with renewed belief in yourself as you climb towards your goals for 2016 and beyond.


believe you can and your half way there

Top Seven Tips for Success


People who have attended a MindStore training course have specific more in-depth methods for carrying out these tips. However anyone else following them will find improvement in performance and results.

  1. Take some time to decide on 7 goals for the next 3 years. Write them out in a notebook and read them as often as you can, ideally last thing at night and first thing in the morning.
  1. Each morning, before rising, read your 7 goals. Then close your eyes and run through in your mind’s eye the key events and tasks of the day ahead.  Deliberately “see” yourself achieving them the way you want them to go.  (This takes a few minutes before starting your day.
  1. Develop a positive outlook. Every time someone asks you “How are you?” reply with a smile “Fantastic”, “Wonderful” or “Terrific”.  Decide today never to use “not bad” ever again.  You will have great fun with this and feel really good as the days and months go by.  Some will even attempt to catch you out; but staying positive like this makes a big difference.
  1. Look at the positive in all things. Decide now the ‘glass is half full’ and never ‘half empty’.
  1. Decide to arrive early for all meetings and appointments. Go to the loo and refresh yourself.  Sit down, close your eyes and mentally rehearse in your mind’s eye that your meeting/event goes the way you want it to.  Certainly do not rehearse things going wrong.  This is a simple, yet consistently powerful technique to improve results in your life.
  1. Decide every day to tell at least one person that you love them (simple but vital).
  1. Everyday take at least 5 minutes once, twice or even three times to purposefully relax. Find a comfortable position in a straight back chair and close your eyes.  Focus on your scalp, then slowly downwards across your face, your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, tongue, jaw etc.  Imagine a gentle wave of relaxation flowing down through your body all the way down to your toes.  Taking time out this way, even just once a day – makes a huge difference.Prior to sleep, take your notebook and record the successes of the day.  Read your goals again and fall asleep positively looking forward to something you desire!

Believe in yourself!  It just works

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