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Easters over what now?

Our last update was well received and many comments came back regarding Billy Connollys mindset over coming challenges and going from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

This time we turn our thoughts to Easter and Walt Disney.


Do you remember when the first easter eggs appeared on the shelves? I saw some before Australia Day!

My kids have been asking me is it Easter yet for at least three weeks before hand. It was such a focus for them the big day when they could eat their chocolate eggs. All this eggcitement got me thinking.

Who’s Goal is Easter? Is it my kids or a Chocolate companies?

Over the years I have seen so many examples of people unknowingly helping other people achieve their goals. The chocolate companies and retailers make such a big marketing push about Easter that its in our conscious and subconscious mind frequently. Their goal is to sell as much chocolate eggs and create revenue. We see the marketing and feel the social pressure to follow and give in to buying what we know as parents is far to much chocolate.

That’s the thing we are helping the companies achieve their goals of big sales.

That’s why its important to set and see daily your own goals because otherwise you are subconsciously working to help others achieve theirs.

Jim Carrey said at his commencement address “ask the universe and it will provide, but wait a bit because its busy completing my order first!”


What are our goals?

Its three years since the London Olympic goals and three years till we host on the Gold Coast the 2018 Commonwealth games. I know many games hopefuls who last thing before they go to sleep and on wakening visualise themselves winning and taking gold in their chosen sport.  These are extraordinary young people, who do this with a passion, several times a day for years! Think back to our own New Years resolutions we make. How many of us made them ? How many still are going towards them? How many of us make the time to visualise them once in a month never mind twice daily?

Do you see the difference? Those who achieve the big outthere extraordinary goals have a passion for those goals, a belief and in visualising them so strongly they build an expectation of achieving them.

What are you passionate about? What goals have or will you set to achieve before the Commonwealth Games come to us on the Gold Coast.

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And Finally….

Remember whether you call them dreams, visions, goals, targets, imagination or aspiration…


disney quote all our dreams can come true

disney statue at disneyland


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