What is Mindstore Training?

MindStore is at its core a Personal Development and Performance Improvement Programme. The success and long-term effectiveness of the MindStore approach is reflected by the thousands of participants and the range of companies and organisations large and small who have engaged us over years. The MindStore System is… READ MORE

Why Does it Work?

It just does!

Seriously though it works because our training shares with people examples of these tools in action, we then share the thinking behind the tools, we then teach participants how to use them, we finally practise them so that everyone can leave the room, ready to use these tools that day for the rest of their lives. Participants leave with… READ MORE

What does the logo mean?

It reflects what we do.

Mindstore Training Australia

We share mental tools and techniques to improve performance, both personal and professional.

The brain is the image on the left hand side and this is where change takes place, the finger print on the right hand side reminds us that we are all individuals, and that even the largest multinational organisations are made up of individuals. Organisations  transform when the people, the individuals are empowered with mental tools and techniques that have been proven over the last 25 years. 

I have attended events personally or heard about MindStore programs in UK and Europe, how  do  I keep up to date with MindStore in Australia?

The simplest way is to sign up for our monthly updates at bottom of every page.

We send out regular updates to everyone who has supplied an email address to us. Our updates include news of events, tips for staying positive, motivational quotes, recommended books and inspiring resources.

How is the Training Designed?

After listening and understanding some of the organisations challenges we design a workshop, event or course specifically tailored to address and exceed the needs identified in our initial conversations. From this we ensure the course is co-designed and unique to your needs. This ensures that each training package… READ MORE

How relevant is it to our organisation?

Absolutely relevant. Many leaders in organisations share with me the biggest frustrations in their business. Learning and professional development managers share also that Stress and time pressure are major challenges in their… READ MORE

What’s the next step?

The next step is to contact us to arrange an initial conversation, where we can listen to your company or organisations challenges and understand what your needs are and begin to understand what Educational Learning and Development program we can design for you to overcome the needs identified in our initial conversation.