How is the training designed?

How is Mindstore Training designed?

mindstore training in actionAfter listening and understanding some of the organisations challenges we design a workshop, event or course specifically tailored to address and exceed the needs identified in our initial conversations. From this we ensure the course is co-designed and unique to your needs. This ensures that each training package is personalised to your particular needs.

I design and present bespoke programs for all kinds of organisations. Understanding your challenges and opportunities lets me provide unique solutions together with highly effective tools and techniques for your leaders, teams or entire workforce. Whether for a few hours, a few days or a much longer extended program I can find a way that fits with your particular demands and logistics.

In designing the learning programs we remember that the training needs to help the people get their own business objectives advanced. Also to educate people on new ways to think, to stop thinking “we have always done it this way” to thinking in specific ways accessing right brained creativity and innovation to find new ways to lead the particular market the client is in, or indeed want to enter.

Whether you need to motivate your people around fresh initiatives, inspire courageous leadership, develop winning teams or mobilise your entire organisation to take ownership and commit to change, you can be absolutely certain that I will create and deliver something that’s special.

Clients tend to have an initial chat over the phone to let me know what they have in mind and I can clarify and assist them to understand my methods and how best to move towards a bespoke program that best suits their needs.

Some then have me along where I meet with key decision makers for a couple of hours to understand better the range of needs and opportunities. Many also like a presentation to a cross section of their target audience to see how they react to my approach and then more informed decisions can be made on a specific design and commitments fitting in with local schedules and logistics.

Many choose to book me directly after a single telephone call. So whatever you are thinking about feel free to get in touch to arrange and let’s have a chat to begin designing an extraordinary educational training program for your team or organisation.