How is this relevant to our organisation?

How is this relevant to our organisation needs?

Thinking positively, dealing with complexity, avoiding stress and performing optimally are all critical in a fast moving customer facing organisation such as ours. MindStore has not only been supplier of programmes to help with this challenge but has influenced our thinking and training development.
~ Patrick McGrath – Virgin Trains

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Absolutely relevant. Many leaders in organisations share with me the biggest frustrations in their business. Learning and professional development managers share also that Stress and time pressure are major challenges in their organisations.

In my experience these challenges are common to all the businesses I have worked with along with other industry or role specific areas.

As a result of this I passionately believe that people in all organisations should have the opportunity to learn some of the fantastic benefits of MindStore’s tools and techniques. Having worked with all levels of people from CEO’s to front line new recruits this belief has been proven correct.

Mindstore is about sharing the tools to empower people in organisations to create the future rather than stressing about the future and having to catch up.

Empowering People >>> Transforming Organisations

It is relevant because Mindstore Training is fundamentally about performance improvement. Inspiring people to do be and have more increases individual performance as well as the team and whole organisations performance.

Additionally MindStores tools and techniques to access greater thinking skills and problem solving via creative and innovative thinking dramatically help people and organisations to be more flexible, innovative, agile and able to change to market demands and stay ahead of the competition.

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