What is Mindstore Training?

What is Mindstore Training?

Damian McConnell, Course Director - MindStore AustraliaMindStore is at its core a Personal Development and Performance Improvement Programme. The success and long-term effectiveness of the MindStore approach is reflected by the thousands of participants and the range of companies and organisations large and small who have engaged us over years. The MindStore System is entirely unique and having experience of it working across most if not all sectors and at all levels in organisations we proudly recognise that if the methods didn’t work then we would have been found out long before now.

MindStore has continually evolved in response to the unique requirements of our global clients. Its very nature provides bespoke adaptions that easily integrate into current initiatives, systems and processes.

MindStore has been operating throughout Australia since 2010. Our  unique approach to understanding clients needs and then designing a program to meet and exceed those needs has enabled us to continually grow our base of satisfied clients Australia wide.

Fundamentally the programmes are based around five characteristics of excellence in individual and team performance:

  • The ability to maximise personal energy levels to sustain performance & manage stress
  • The adoption of a profound, positive and “can do” attitude
  • The commitment to achieve inspirational goals and targets
  • The integration of whole brain thinking leading to outstanding problem solving & innovation
  • Emotional intelligence

mindstore training in action

MindStore is delivered in many ways from contributions at conferences and seminars, half day, whole day, monthly or more bespoke programmes.

In addition your people have access to web based support, further learning and inspiration via our monthly updates and posts on Linkedin and Twitter.

“All performance is due to the quality of our thinking”
~ Damian McConnell