“Lacked Imagination and had no good ideas”

Do you know who was fired by the editor of The Kansas City Star for the reason quoted above?

Walter Elias Disney or Walt Disney to you and me!

Welcome to this June Update

I was astounded at that quote as I walked around Disneyland California a few weeks ago with my family.

A Happy place where parents and children can have fun together

A Happy place where parents and children can have fun together

For one person to have the ability to access this level of imagination and creativity is fantastic. For me the amazing things was his ability to transfer it from an idea, dream or vision into reality.

Robert Dilts commented that Walt had three modes Dreamer, Realist and Critic.

To those who attended one of the recent MindStore sessions you will remember that the Dreamer is Right Brain Dominant and that the Realist and Critic are Left Brain Dominant. So Walt had the ability to  access both sides of his brain and use WHOLE BRAIN thinking as we refer to in the Characteristics of Extraordinary people. Sound familiar?

He was clearly able to Think Differently from others.

In Dreamer mode, Disney had the ability to immerse himself in his imagination, to the exclusion of everything else:

When Walt was deep in thought he would lower one brow, squint his eyes, let his jaw drop, and stare fixedly at some point in space, often holding the attitude for several moments … No words could break the spell …

Source: (Ollie Johnstone and Frank Thomas, The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation)

MindStore session participants will recognise this description of Walt, he has moved from the Wide Awake left Brain Dominant state of high brain wave activity to the Day Dream Alpha state and is accessing his Right Creative, Innovative, Imaginative brain.

It would be fascinating to know exactly how he did this with his eyes open, what triggers he used to access the Dreamer state when he needed. Maybe TOTTT or 3 fingers?

Regardless of how he did it the result was that he bought 150 acres of flat Orange groves fields and one year and one day later opened up the first family orientated theme park.


A place where as Walt himself said:

“I think most of all what I want Disneyland to be is a Happy place… Where parents and children can have fun, together”

He certainly proved his Editor incorrect regarding his Imagination. Have a magical month filled with opportunities to access your Imaginative, Creative, Intuitive thinking!

Inscription below the bronze statue of Walt and Mickey

Inscription below the bronze statue of Walt and Mickey



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