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Everywhere you look we are being bombarded with messages about Christmas and buying gifts for others.

Realise that these message are a result of companies marketing /sales teams having GOALS that this will be a bumper year for them. They set a goal and we get sucked up in it and help them achieve there goal.

My Point is: What messages are we bombarding ourselves with about our own goals, our own Desires and Dreams….

What are we doing to actively work on our Goals, Dreams, Desires. Do you have tools to get you there? Do you know where there is? Have you given up and are helping others achieve there goals?

At Christmas time give yourself the gift of time to THINK.

Think about your year so far.

Think about what you really want going forward.

Think about how you will feel when you achieve it.

We all have an amazing capacity to do be and have more in our live’s, we just need help to make time to think about what we really want and some tools to motivate and a plan to get there. Lucky for you at MindStore we specialise in this.

oprah have belief in yourself

Last week a few dozen guys and I were sitting with 14000 women for an intimate evening with Oprah in Brisbane.

As you can imagine she is a huge believer in the power of mindfulness as well as daring you to dream and visualise huge goals for the life you truly want. She had many examples of how Belief in herself and her goals helped her to be where she is today. Many people left pumped up and inspired but I wonder how many had access to the actual tools and techniques proven to get you  to where they Dreamed of being.


time flies

Why I believe its Vital to set inspiring Goals for ourselves

“the years fair flown in” was a phrase my gran used to say often and I was struck by how true this was for me when I heard these lyrics last week.

“Its Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid.

At Christmas time we let in light and banish shade.”

If your old enough to remember these lyrics from Band-Aid, you might take a moment to think that if you feel this year has passed quickly, remember that Band-Aid had this hit 31 years ago! in 1984.

Why mention this? To remind us of how quickly time passes our One Life and WHY I believe it is vital that we set inspiring huge goals for ourselves. Don’t let another year Fly by take control, be the Navigator, by discovering MindStores proven tools.

If you want to learn or refresh yourself on how to set huge goals using MindStores proven tools and techniques then join us on the Gold Coast in March.



goal setting







Where: Gold Coast

When : March 2016, Saturday 5th or 12th.

Who should attend: Individuals- The day will be of huge value to individuals who want 2016 to be better than 2015 in their personal life and career by learning proven goal setting and visualisation tools.

It was also be of huge benefit to business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who want proven tools to be able to set and achieve huge goals for there business, organisation and ventures going forward.

Why: 3 things 1. To enable people to  access these proven tools to create the life they desire.

2. To share tools to manage stress, develop and maintain a positive Can Do attitude and to boost effectiveness and performance.

3. To follow on from our event last quarter to review progress and re commit to going forward.

Contact us today to express your interest in finding out more.


And Finally ………….THANK YOU

thank you sand

Thank you to all our new clients in 2015 for choosing to partner with us to empower people and transform organisations.

Thank you to all our existing clients for their continuing commitment to improving performance and effectiveness utilising our inhouse training services.

Thank you finally to everyone who takes time out to read our updates, and those who interact with us by their comments, feedback and suggestions.


merry xmas in sand

We wish you a Magical Christmas and a Magnificent New Year!


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