MindStore Australia’s July 2011 Newsletter- the Health & Wellbeing issue

Who said “Prevention is better than cure”?

Do you think it still is relevant today in the 21st century in relation to Stress?

Absolutely, more and more people and businesses are turning to the idea that prevention is much better than attempting to provide a cure.

Stress in the workplace is not a new challenge, it has been around since the industrial revolution in the late 18th century.

The opening quote belonged to Desiderius Erasmus the 14th Century philosoper.

And Yes, more than ever in the frantic pace of life in which we operate in our workplace and our personal lives, the quote holds true.

Did you know that we are bombarded with information and that we experience more stimulae in a week from the internet than our Great Great Grandparents did in their ENTIRE LIVES! How stressful is that?

Do you feel you have to respond to emails when they ping on your screen or mobile? Remember the days when the postal mail came in once a day in the morning?

This increasing pace of live is causing Stress for a growing number people.  In the workplace OH&S policies are in place to manage the health and safety of the employees, they are more curative than preventative.

So rather than providing a Cure, Why not provide Prevention Solutions?

Contact MindStore today. We can design and deliver a range of inhouse workshops, sessions and events that can be extended to meet your organisations needs to deliver the best solutions for maximising health and wellbeing at the same time as minimising Stress. 

How about some mental tools to enable you to focus on the Eustress (good stress- used by professional atheletes) and other mental tools to manage DiStress (bad stress)

We all know and accept that Stress can have a devastating effect on the individuals Physical health including : Fatigue, Burn Out, Depression and succeptability to major health challenges including heart attacks, blood pressure issues and diabeties.

For organisations the effects of Stress are also considerable:   high absenteeism, high employee turnover, low productivity and  low levels of engagement.

Click here www.mindstoreaustralia.com for information on MindStore’s extensive range of customisable ongoing programmes.They are designed to make your team more effective providing tools and techniques for the individuals to mange stress and be more effective in the workplace.