Spring has Sprung!

time to spring into action like spring lambs with MindStore Training goal setting tools


Now it is time to throw off the heavy doona of limiting beliefs you may have been comforting yourself with and wrap yourself in your lighter doona of positivity and self belief.

Spring has Sprung, time to throw off the heavy doona of winter and replace it with the lighter positive doona of Spring!


Time to spring into action- to achieve those goals you have set for yourself personally and professionally.


4 months left in year plenty of time to achieve your Goals with MindStore training

With 4 months of the year to go there are over 120 days left to visualise your goals, focus your energy on activities that will take you towards your goals and take action.

Make time to find your goals if you have them written down already.

Look under the bed beside the dusty part read self development books.


Learn how to use the delete button to change your thinking and improve your performance with MindStore Training

Delete the thoughts of  “well 9 months have passed and there is not enough time to achieve them now” or ” I am too busy to think about those dreamy goals I set in January”

Believe me there is always enough time, you are never too busy to make time for mindfulness. Time to relax close your eyes and bring into your imagination each goal being achieved. How it feels, sounds, smells, who is with you.

Make time daily to “see” your goals achieved and watch the result with so called “coincidences” beginning to happen to you that help you towards your goals.


Would you like more tips?

Keep an eye on our home page for more tips here coming soon or if you cannot wait drop me an email here  to info@mindstoretraining.com.au and I will send you Read our 7 common mistakes made in goal setting article to avoid common pitfalls in goal setting and achieving.


And Finally……………….

Mo Farah 1000m 2016 Olympic Champion Never never give up

With the Rio Olympics over I saw a clip which was an amazing example of never, never , never giving up. One which relates to our Goals and the remaining 4 months of this year.

Take 2 mins here to watch the highlights  of MoFarah from team GB, who fell during his race but never gave up on his goal……………. A fantastic example for us all.

Watch here and be inspired! Be inspired to never, never give up on your Goals.


 Make it a Spectacular September!

Have a fantastic start to Spring.

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