Don’t Panic! There is still plenty time to achieve your goals this year

  The xmas decorations have been in the shops since September but “don’t panic” as Lance Corporal Jones often called out in Dads Army the 1970s UK comedy show. There is still plenty time to achieve your goals this year if you make time to refocus and recommit to them.   Now that winter is over and spring is here …

Are you too busy to make time for yourself?

This is a busy time of the year for everyone personally and in business. However learn from the picture above. Unlike the jolly guy in the red suit above, always take your time, look out and be prepared mentally and physically for any unexpected events! As the holiday season approaches like a jet plane!, we find ourselves reflecting on the …

Mental Rehearsal- The Secret of Success

Mental Rehearsal the Secret of Success Mental rehearsal is the secret to success in your personal life, and career. With the fantastic Commonwealth Games from Glasgow there have been numerous images of the competitors closing there eyes just before their event. This is not out of fear like we might, or to pray, it is a specific tool they use …

Keep Calm & Think BIG

Discover MindStore’s tips for Thinking Big.
Learn how to Think Big and Set Big Goals.

“Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you”

In this months MindStore Australia newsletter. Think Big, set huge goals, and have a belief in yourself. Discover how the Scottish inventor of the telephone used these attributes to overcome his challenges. Read about Happy Kids book from Stephen Coveys son. Learn why John Lennon said “happy” was what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Take time out to be gratefull

After experiencing the weather from ex tropical cyclone Oswald over the last 48 hours I came across this inspiring clip called “weather report” If you have experienced Oswalds impact then take time out in your day ( 2m 45 s ) to enjoy this clip and choose your attitude for the rest of the week.