“Lacked Imagination and had no good ideas”

Do you know who was fired by the editor of The Kansas City Star for the reason quoted above? Walter Elias Disney or Walt Disney to you and me! Welcome to this June Update I was astounded at that quote as I walked around Disneyland California a few weeks ago with my family. For one person to have the ability to …

Movember Performance Improvement Update

As you may remember our last update focused Siezing the Day “CARPE DIEM” Many of you commented on watching Robin Williams in the powerful clip Poets Society. This month we have an introduction to the House on the Right Bank, a classic MindStore tool and foundation of so many other techniques. To all the Movember participants, keep trimming! Thank you for making the …

The starting point of all achievement is Desire…

The Starting point of all achievement is Desire, discover Duncan Bannatyne from Dragons Den’s thoughts on this and more. Click our Stress Management Story. Find out how Dream- Belief- Open mind all interact to help develop Desire.

Take time out to be gratefull

After experiencing the weather from ex tropical cyclone Oswald over the last 48 hours I came across this inspiring clip called “weather report” If you have experienced Oswalds impact then take time out in your day ( 2m 45 s ) to enjoy this clip and choose your attitude for the rest of the week. http://youtu.be/z9sUGQx_pVE?t=32s http://youtu.be/z9sUGQx_pVE?t=32s

July 2012 newsletter

Resilience Tips feature in our MindStore Australia July Newsletter.
Thomas Dewar the Scottish Whiskey Baron said” Minds are like parachutes, they only funtion when open”
So open your mind to some tips to build resilience, change your mindset and set inspiring goals for yourself and your business.

June 2012 Newsletter

Think different- Change with your heart and mind, not because your told to, but because you want to and have identified huge goals which you are passionate about achieving. Decide for yourself to take charge. MindStore can share the tools and techniques to get you to where you want to be.