Your thoughts and Self Talk determine how you overcome challenges

As you may remember our last update focused as many people do on Goals to kick off 2015. As we go through February lets learn some tips to stay positive and focused on our goals. Thank you for making the time to read this, and I encourage you to look into our mental tools for improving performance for you personally and …

Movember Performance Improvement Update

As you may remember our last update focused Siezing the Day “CARPE DIEM” Many of you commented on watching Robin Williams in the powerful clip Poets Society. This month we have an introduction to the House on the Right Bank, a classic MindStore tool and foundation of so many other techniques. To all the Movember participants, keep trimming! Thank you for making the …

August 2012 Newsletter

Would you like to know Googles Secret for Managing Stress?
If so read on to find out how a Google collaboration with Daniel Goleman author of Emotional Intelligence, lead to a series of short courses to manage stress by taking time for reflection and thoughtfulness.

July 2012 newsletter

Resilience Tips feature in our MindStore Australia July Newsletter.
Thomas Dewar the Scottish Whiskey Baron said” Minds are like parachutes, they only funtion when open”
So open your mind to some tips to build resilience, change your mindset and set inspiring goals for yourself and your business.

Why MindStore Works… It seems it only works!

Why MindStore Works…It Seems It Only Works!

The basis of the article is that recent discoveries from scientists back up the approaches that we take in MindStore. In particular there has been a discovery of a part of the brain that develops after childhood that in effect inhibits us from “letting go and unleashing our creativity”