New thinking tools for the new Financial Year?

What an exciting time July is here at MindStore Training. The new financial year for organisations and its leaders is a bit like our Scottish Hogmanay I think. A time to reflect and think about last years achievements and then discover some Resilience tips to make the next financial year even better. After being asked for a long time we have started a …

Positive Self Talk

WELCOME Hi there, April is here so lets decide to be Awesome. Lets decide to change our thinking and in particular the inner conversations that we have with ourselves.   Welcome to our just published update. In this update How negative self talk impacts our day An exercise to use to develop positive self talk The Mentoring program details Enjoy taking …

July 2012 newsletter

Resilience Tips feature in our MindStore Australia July Newsletter.
Thomas Dewar the Scottish Whiskey Baron said” Minds are like parachutes, they only funtion when open”
So open your mind to some tips to build resilience, change your mindset and set inspiring goals for yourself and your business.