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Do you believe that the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” is relevant today in relation to Stress?

Absolutely, more and more people and businesses are turning to the idea that Stress prevention programs are a much better to support people than attempting to provide a cure.

Training around mediation and mindfulness are just two popular and effective ways to more effectively manage stress and give us proven internal tools to maintain balance in our lives.

Did you know that Stress has been reported as “the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the reality is that the stress factors of today’s work-life will continue to increase.

manage your stress with MindStore tips and techniques                                                                               manage stress with MindStore tools and techniques

Today we are bombarded with information to an extent that we experience more stimulae in a working week from our electronic devices than our Great Great Grandparents did in their ENTIRE LIVES! Just think how stressful is that?

So what can we do ourselves and what can our organisations do to assist us to manage stress?

We need to better manage our work life balance. This is needed more today than back in the 1980’s when it was first introduced.

We need to take a proactive and positive approach to Stress.

We need our organisations to actively provide programs that help people to better manage stress and to find a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives.

I believe that to find true work life balance we need to learn how to look internally to ourselves.

  • Take part in company run events to better create a calm mind and body that allows us to perform at our peak day after day.
  • Attend Meditation and Mindfulness training as part of internal Leadership & Development programs.
  • Incorporate Mindfulness sessions at weekly team meetings, so that all levels of organisations benefit from these internal tools to maintain a healthy work life balance.
 So rather than providing a Cure after an event, organisations are providing positive prevention Solutions in advance.

Do you think your would benefit from some proven easy to use mental tools that enable you to focus on the Eustress (good stress) the type used by our Gold medal Olympic champions?

Would you be interested in learning other simple to use mental tools to manage DiStress (bad stress) the type we feel when our inbox if full, you have not eaten since 7am, your stuck in traffic and late for a critical business meeting.

We all know and accept that Stress can have a devastating effect on an individuals physical and mental health including: Fatigue, Burn Out, Depression and higher susceptibility to major health challenges including heart attacks, blood pressure issues and diabetes.

For organisations the effects of Stress are also considerable:  high absenteeism, high employee turnover, low productivity and low levels of engagement.

If you want this type of training in your organisation for you to benefit from then contact us today here.

We have an extensive range of customisable and ongoing programs that are designed to make your team more effective as well as providing tools and techniques for the individuals to mange stress and be more effective in the workplace.



Neil Armstrong managed his stress to step on the moon-discover stress management tools at Mindstore Training

If you think your life is stressful think of the guy born this month in 1930 who became the first man to step on the moon. Yes Neil Armstrong.

His working life was extremely stressful you would have to admit, first as a test pilot and then as an astronaut. Every decision was potentially life or death, not like many of the less stressful situations we find or imagine ourselves facing. Yet he was driven with a clarity of vision that he would get to the moon, not thoughts that he might get to the moon!

So the next time you take a few steps into a situation you think is stressful imagine Neil’s first step onto the moons surface back in 1969!

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