April 2012 Newsletter


Following on from last months newsletter which was all about mental fitness in surfing, this month we look at the 2012 London Olympic preparations and how we can all learn from Olympic Champions.  We know they have a range of coaches for physical and mental elements of their preperation. The mental coaches share with them tools for mental resilience, unquestioning belief in themselves and an unshakeable desire to win.

Read on to find out how to develop your own mental  coaching skills.

Achieve your Goals in 2012!

Damain and the MindStore Australia Team



How to Perform like an Olympic Champion

The 2012 Olympic Games are almost upon us.  The Australian Olympic swimming team has just been picked.  The planning and building of the Olympic facilities has been ongoing for more than 7 years. Here in Australia as businesses head towards the new financial year in July we too need to be preparing, like these Olympic athletes if we want to deliver a gold medal performance in financial year 2012/13.

We know that individuals that become Olympic champions are able to, every day, access their alpha state and visualise the peak performance which results in them winning gold.  They are able to imagine the sights, sounds, smells at that moment when the medal is placed around their neck.  This ability gives them the unshakeable belief in their performance, whether as an individual or part of a team.

The men and women who will be there, in London, competing have dreamed their whole lives of competing at an Olympic games, some will already have competed before but for some it will be their first Olympics.  All the hard work and mental preparation will soon be realised.

If you would like to deliver an Olympic medal winning performance in your business or organisation then this is the time you need to be planning to call in MindStore. Take the first step towards preparing for an outstanding FY2012/13 and book an initial appointment today.  Discover the benefits of our in-house MindStore courses to prepare you and your team for an outstanding FY2012/13.

Using our unique processes including the “house on the right bank” you will have access to a range of performance improving mental tools and techniques.  For more information click on the link below from our MindStore international site and look at the entry from March 15 entitled “New Homeowners Supplement”.


If you feel like you or your colleagues could benefit from easy to learn tools and techniques used by Olympic champions give us a call at MindStore we would love to help.

Carpe diem – Sieze the day.

Book Review Corner

MindStore for Personal Development by Jack Black

If you are looking to find out how MindStore can help you both professionally and personally then this book, written by the founder of MindStore, gives you a taste of a few of the MindStore tools and techniques and the amazing ways that they can change your life.

Read it and learn some amazingly simple techniques for improvement.


This might seem like a plug, but like all the books we have recommended over the last few months, we fundamentally believe that they absolutely help.