Create your Business Vision for 2016 Survey

Has 2015 been your best year ever in business?

If the honest answer is “It could be have been better” then consider making changes to make sure 2016 is your best year.

We have the opportunity to change our thinking at our January Breakfast with the help of Damian from MindStore Training and discover tools to create clarity and passion around your Business Vision.

Damian has worked with companies like Budget Direct to train senior leadership teams to “see” and visualise the new vision for the company and to engage with it. He also worked with large LNG projectcompany to help staff with tools around managing stress, and focusing on the Opportunities in projects v the default thinking of focusing on the Dangers or negative.

To make the most of this opportunity we would ask everyone to participate in a short confidential Questionnaire around the Challenges and Opportunities for your business going into the New Year.

We need your input and feedback to make this breakfast as relevant as possible and to make sure you gain the most from it.

Please fill in all fields as best you can. Not all fields are required but the more information you provide the better your results will be.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

Q1. What do you want for your business in 2016?

Q2. What do want personally in 2016?

Q3. What are the Dangers for your business in 2016? (List 5)

Q4. What are the Opportunities for your business in 2016? (List 5)

Q5. Do you have Goals?

Q6. Are your Goals written down and Specific?

Q7. Would you be interested in a breakfast meeting sharing how to set huge goals for 2016 and learn tips on visualising them?

Q8. Will you be attending?

Q9. Who can you think of who would benefit from attending this meeting? Will you invite them or should we send an invite? (please include name, contact email, contact telephone number and we will invite them)

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