Desire, Belief, Expectation

  March is here, you could say the year is Marching along, how are your Extraordinary Goals progressing? As we head towards the end of the first quarter often I get asked “What do I need to do to ensure my goals are achieved?” The answer is to master the three key elements of Goal setting success below:   Desire, …

New Year New You- If you can imagine it, you can achieve it!

Jim Rohn said ” Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” I believe this is such an appropriate quote in the first few weeks of the New Year.   Take some time to ask yourself these two Important questions at this time of year: Reflecting on 2015 what parts of it do you want …

The Power of Belief

Do you have the Power of Belief? This week everyone will have seen in the press and social media the high profile example of the power of belief  from the race that stops the nation. Michelle Payne said of her historic win at the Melbourne Cup  “I just hope it’s a reminder that if you work hard and you dream, things can …

A Positive Attitude.. Changes Everything

A Positive Attitude…. Changes Everything Welcome to our delayed July Newsletter. Last month was about taking TIME OUT. This month we focus on our Attitude and deciding to make it a positve one. Trust you wil take 5 minutes TIME OUT to read this and THINK about how you can decide to be more positive in your thoughts, language and …

Embrace 2013

Like the Sydney fireworks theme “EMBRACE” discover how to embrace the opportunities and challenges that 2013 will bring.
•the moment
•the possibilities
•new ideas
•change and opportunities
•the potential that tommorrow holds

Also see book of the month: Winning Attitudes. full of sports wisdom on positive attitude from aussie sports stars.