Back to the Future, like Mohammad Ali

You can go back to your future using MindStore’s mental tools just like Mohammad Ali used. See your future goals so clearly that its like you have achieved them already. Its history but in the future. Fantastic tool.

Stick to your Goals!

Stick to your Goals and learn to live your life by your plans and goals not those of others.
Now is the time to re focus on your goals. View some inspiring video clips to motivate you to achieve your goals. Request MindStore’s unique goal setting planner to help you achieve more personally and professionally.

April 2012 Newsletter

Welcome Following on from last months newsletter which was all about mental fitness in surfing, this month we look at the 2012 London Olympic preparations and how we can all learn from Olympic Champions.  We know they have a range of coaches for physical and mental elements of their preperation. The mental coaches share with them tools for mental resilience, unquestioning …