Stick to your Goals

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Did you have an Outstanding October…. or has it gone in a blur?

If the whole year feels like a blur and the goals you set have still to be achieved, then DON’T GIVE UP.

Take inspiration from our video clips, motivation from the quotes and most importantly BELIEVE that YOU CAN DO IT.

mindstore training helps you to generate unshakeable belief in your goals

Have an inspiring day, week and month!


Live your life by your plans and goals

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The build up over the last few weeks for the Melbourne Cup has been constantly in our awareness.

Today the race itself for many is just a memory. It was over in the same time as it takes to watch any of our inspiring video clips below.

learn how to create the excitement of the melbourne-cup daily in yourself to achieve your goals with mindstore training

Imagine if we could generate as much excitement and anticipation for our personal and professional goals as has been created for the Melbourne Cup? Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Absolutely!

The challenge for us all is that unless we focus on our own goals and visualising them being achieved, then we will unconsciously be drawn into helping other people achieve their own goals.

By this I mean the sales and marketing departments of the retail stores, who sneak xmas into our awareness when we are in the stores and its only September!. Those who aim to entice us into buying during the end of the year sales. Then in January other companies tempt us to take a cruise in July. If you think about it, it’s a constant cycle of selling us their goals. If we are not careful our life could consist of solar powered festive lights and the odd cruise.

Is that really good enough?

No, absolutely not. We all have an amazing capacity to do be and have more. We just need to remember about the goals that inspire us, then set and follow our plan.( this is where our MindStore Goal setting planner is fantastic. Email us your postal address here and we would be delighted to send one out to you.)

I believe that:

We must have clear goals written down for ourselves

Change your Dreams to Goals with MindStore Training

We must look at them regularly and work towards them each week and quarter otherwise we will just be spending our time helping others to achieve their goals.


The messages we are being bombarded with might be that the festive season is just around the corner but infact there are still 7 full weeks or 49 days left till xmas day and 56 days till the last day of the year.

There is plenty of opportunity to achieve your goals if you believe in them and yourself.

Start today to work towards your remaining goals with motivation and more importantly MOMENTUM.

Now is the time to re engage with your goals, to re imagine them achieved and create that desire to never give up and achieve them.

Are you going to finish the year Strong?

Inspiring Resources

Back by popular demand are some more short inspirational clips to watch and share.

(If adverts pop up at the start remember to just skip them)

1. Don’t give up! (3m.15s)

2. R u going to finish Strong (2m41s)

3. Set goals to Succeed (2m30s)

Take some time out in your day over the next few weeks to watch these and be inspired to overcome whatever your challenges may be.

Would you like more tips on setting huge Goals and achieving them

Read my most recent Linkedin post here to learn more about left and right brain thinking and goal setting.

And Finally remember…..

trouble with not having a goal is

Have an inspiring day, week, month!

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